Практика: Construction, Real Estate

Real estate objects have higher economic value relatively to other business assets and they are objects for long-term investment. Thus, the process of construction and setting into operation and further real estate transactions is quite “overgoverned” by the state and has numerous features. 

By securing the support from JC “YARLAN” you can always:

  • receive written advices on authorization documents matters for constructing objects of various complexity levels;
  • conclude agreements on real estate of various complexity levels (alienation, introduction to the authorized capital, division of real estate, execution of rights to use of real estate, transfer as a mortgage, etc.);
  • obtain full legal support for construction projects (basing on its complexity level a workgroup of lawyers from necessary practices will be formed);
  • receive draft contracts, preliminary contracts, any agreements related to construction and real estate transactions.
  • receive building permit (construction licence)

Our partners has already performed the following with support of JC “YARLAN”  

  • ZBK plant in the city of Zhytomyr have been constructed and set into operation,
  • more than ten infrastructural objects on the areas of Chop-Kyiv-Kharkiv road and in the city of Kyiv have been constructed and set into operation.
  • tens of agreements for transfer of ownership rights to real estate objects have been carried out, including ones by means of transfer of corporate rights 
  • the right to use of land plots has been executed in various country regions.
  • the  aggregate cost of projects that were maintained by our lawyers is equal to hundreds of millions of hryvnyas.
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