Практика: Securities and Capital Markets

Formation of the security market in Ukraine proceeds in conditions of lacking necessary practice and experience and has  been accompanied by the periodical change of its model. Therefore, the need for legal maintenance for dealings with securities is equally compelling for both issuers of theses securities and investors.   

Our lawyers provide legal advices for all matters in the sphere of the turnover of securities and capital markets, including:

  • registration and re-registration of joint stock companies;
  • maintenance of share and bond issuance (public and private placement of securities);
  • maintenance of sale and purchase agreements of securities and other agreements on transfer of an ownership right to securities;
  • consultations and preparation of documents for opening accounts in securities;
  • interaction and representation of issuers’ and other market participants’ interests in DKTSPFR bodies;
  • consultations and maintenance of transactions with bills and bonds;
  • taxation.
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