Practice Areas: Tax

In conditions of constant change of tax legislation and specific features of the fiscal bodies’ operation, nowadays practice in the sphere of tax legislation is the most relevant for all customers of JC “YARLAN”.

As any of our customers, you will have an opportunity to:

  • receive a complete analysis of economic activity or a single transaction regarding compliance with the tax legislation norms;
  • receive complex maintenance for tax inspections;
  • challenge the inspection results in administrative and judicial procedures with the full preparation of materials for an appeal by a team of experienced lawyers;
  • receive written or oral advices related to reaching an optimal volume of the tax burden;
  • receive written and oral advices related to taxes, fees and other compulsory payments;
  • receive written and oral advices for matters of VAT administration, accrual of tax on profit, accrual and payment of tax on incomes;
  • instantly prepare the response to queries from fiscal authorities or objections to acts on tax inspection results as well as to challenge tax inspection results;
  • receive professional representation of taxpayer’s interests in the Ministry of Taxes and Fees bodies and administrative courts;
  • receive a written or oral advice for the matters of taxation of foreign economic transactions;
  • receive a response to questions on the matters of taxation of royalty, interests, dividends, accrual and payment of the withholding tax;
  • receive an extended response on the particulars of taxation on transactions with non-residents.

Our specialized lawyers are recognized experts in the area of tax law. As a result,

  • tens of successful appeals of decisions from tax inspectorates in Ternopilska, Lvivska, Cherkaska, Dnipropetrovska, Zhytomyrska, Kyivska regions and the city of Kyiv;
  • tax notices-decisions totalling in millions of hryvnyas cancelled.
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