Legal risk analysis

From the judicial viewpoint, start-up projects do not differ from any other business. There are the same stages of development, each of them features the same set of tasks and difficulties. Meanwhile, each new project has its features and differences that affect the development strategy and require coordinated teamwork and comprehensive analysis of  project risks.

If you are planning to set up a new business, within the limits of  preferential service, we will form a workgroup for you for risk  analysis and development of of legal risk control methods. By means of it you will get the following:

  • development of opinions on the necessity of registration activities and licensing documents and certificates;
  • analysis of risks related to protection of intellectual ownership rights;
  • protectability check of a commercial name, trade mark, intellectual ownership rights protection;
  • recommendations on document flow, accounting an internal processes arrangement aimed at minimizing the negative consequences of parties’ non-compliance of reached agreements;
  • support and search for investments and formalization of relationship with an investor;
  • analysis of necessary prerequisites for expanding the activity to the territory of the European Union.
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